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I know what it takes to motivate individuals and teams to understand how to reach their maximum potential.

Motivational speaking for corporate and team organizations can make a huge difference in morale.  Every day corporate teams work together and make the impossible happen to launch products, ship features, and create the code and technology innovations we have grown to expect all while making it look easy to the consumer.  Managers look for ways to recognize and motivate product development, QA and support teams to maximize effort, foster cohesion and provide recognition for local and distributed teams across the globe.

Success in these endeavors isn’t a matter of getting lucky.  To be successful you need to be mental toughness, have tenacious grit, and have the ability to work as a team.  This is a learned skill.  But to be able to learn the skill, you need to have someone that can teach it!

Being an athlete and coach for 4 decades, I know what it takes to push teams toward lofty goals.

However the skills to succeed as a team as a team have come from 30+ years of coaching, and my all years as a Fire Captain with CALFIRE.  It’s one thing to prep your body physically, to do workouts to get physically stronger, have been endurance and be more explosive, but if MENTALLY you don’t believe you can do it, then it doesn’t matter how strong or how good you are.

If your enterprise organization, school, or sports team works hard and is working towards a goal, I can tailor the message of the program we choose to fit your needs, opportunities for greater cohesion, and goals.

Stressful, high pressure delivery situations will bring out the true colors in people.

Will you choose to immediately pass the blame to someone else, or to give excuses about what you are or not doing, or feel that you have done “more than enough”?  When you are working in a team, it takes everyone to be driving forward together, with the common goal.  There will be some that are better or more skilled in one situation and others that need a little assistance.  It might be flip flopped in another situation.

In EVERY team situation this will be the case and the teams that have the highest level of success are the ones that can utilize their members to their full capacities.

My time with you will be learning how to bring your teams together, how to stay focused on the goal no matter what the obstacles are in the way, how to pick each other up and how to constantly drive foreword as a unit.

It doesn’t matter what field you are in, or the size of the organization, if you have a team that needs to work together to get the job done, I am the motivational speaker for you.  Using my experience running fire crews and teams in some of the most stressful and even life threatening situations, I’ll help your you team develop mental toughness, tenacious grit, and super glue team cohesion.  Lets get the maximum from your teams!!

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