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Because I am a CrossFit gym owner, elite coach, elite athlete, fitness programming expert and fitness commentator, I have one of the most unique perspectives for this space than most.  But it was a long journey to get here!  That’s what happens when you have been an athlete for over 45 years and a coach for over 30.  I now have so much knowledge, information and experience to bring to the table to help YOU!

Being a life long athlete, I have experienced what it takes to succeed at the highest levels and have been lucky enough to compete on some of the biggest stages in the world.  Because of that, I understand the commitment it takes. All the highs and lows and everything that goes along with it.  I’m right there with you!

As a Fire Captain, I learned what it took to get the most out of all my crews and keep them safe by improving their fitness levels.  There was also a great understanding of how to get them to the expectations they needed to be to perform to the department’s and community’s standards.  To increase ability and safety on the job as well as reduce injury.

My commentary experience wasn’t forged on camera but rather through years of coaching and understanding how to strategize both myself and my athletes to their best performances.  You add my programming expertise to the mix, and I have a very unique understanding of what is, and what should be happening with athletes in every event.  I’ll be able to educate and entertain all the viewers who tune in to your event.  Being the longest-running commentator in CrossFit, you can bring the VOICE to your event and ensure that it is legitimate in the eyes of EVERYONE watching!

I have been in this game for a long time.  I have racked up years as a CrossFit box owner, years of being an elite level coach, years of being an elite level athlete, been a top programming coach for all levels of athlete and travelled the world as a fitness commentator.  With all of this, I have been lucky enough to learn a ton.  It’s my turn to give back.  Due to the knowledge, experience, and expertise in all areas of fitness, I now am here to help you, your department, or your event succeed.  Let’s see what great things we can put together!

Fire Experience

Fire Captain CALFIRE, 17 year service – Schedule A and B

San Luis Obispo County Fire Physical Training Coordinator

Pismo Beach Lifeguard Coordinator

San Luis Obispo County Technical Rescue Team  (SLOC TRT) Member

Lead Instructor: Swift Water Rescue, Ocean Rescue, Rescue Boat Ops

Training Cadre Member – all fire rescue curriculum

CrossFit Experience

Elite Level Athlete for over 40 years

2015 CrossFit Games Runner-Up Master 45-49 Division

Elite Level Coach for over 30 years

CrossFit Level 4 Coach – One of 60 in the world

CrossFit Gym Owner for 13 years

CrossFit Masters & Elite Programming – 20 years

Event Commentary Experience

Analysis/Color Commentary of the Men’s CrossFit Games since 2010

Broadcasted on CBS, CBS Sports, ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3

Traveled all over the World broadcasting live for all of the big off-season fitness events:

Boston, MA – East Coast Championship

Miami, FL – Wodapolooza

St. Cloud, MN – Granite Games

Madrid – CrossFit Invitational Championships

CrossFit European Regionals

Villars – Swiss Alpine Battle

Dubai – CrossFit Championships