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Protect The Shield Programming
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Before I bought my CrossFit gym, I was a fire captain and part of my service to my department was creating physical fitness training and programming for my fire crew. I recognized the need for fitness programming for my employees that was consistent, aerobics based with weight training and utilized existing equipment in the fire house where possible. I realize fire, police, medical and military teams can benefit from my knowledge and experience to elevate their physical fitness training, overall health and nutrition while decreasing injury, and preparing them for the demands of the job. Because your country, your community, your department, your crew, your family and even yourself DEMAND that you are fit and healthy enough for the worst possible situations. You need a program that will ensure the highest level of fitness, improved strength and flexibility, and will decrease the chance of injury. If you are training for anything else, then you are doing it all wrong!

When the community calls 911, they aren’t looking for someone that is good at tying knots, or pulling hose, or knowing the code violations, or even good with a weapon.  They are looking for Superman and Wonder Woman to show up. Period.

I have the knowledge, the experience, and the ability to give individuals what they need to get into and be prepared for the job, how to create programs and testing procedures for departments to increase the overall fitness level of your pubic safety individuals, reducing the incident of injury dollars associated with time off work, and finally to consult with municipalities to design fitness programs for them and their departments that would keep them protected from and health/safety issues due to not being fit enough for the job.

Individual Programming And Coaching

As an individual, your fitness and health is your protection against all possible incidents while responding to an emergency.  As a rookie or new recruit, you don’t have the incident experience yet. So you will need to rely on your fitness and physical prowess to help get the job done.

My job to get you ready for any physical test you will need to take. It won’t matter if it’s a physical agility test, an academy, or any recurrent testing.  As a vet, it’s your job to able to lead by doing.  It’s not about making the rookies do all the hard work.  You need to also.  It doesn’t matter your age, how many years in the service, or any injuries you might have.  The incident doesn’t care about this, and you shouldn’t either!  I know the service. So I will keep you in the best possible shape so that you are able to handle any Incident.

Individual programs for service members are based on goal needs along with individual strengths and weakness.  Once an assessment is done, then a program is developed specifically for you and your needs.  This might be a specific skill work, or maybe a monthly program of workouts and nutrition coaching. It could be specific 1:1 live or ZOOM coaching sessions to work on movements, mobility, injury rehab or workouts.  Your needs will drive my expertise and skills!

Strength and accessory work for any specific needs

Physical agility and academy preparation

Individualized specialized program based on your needs

Monthly program for general physical preparedness

One-on-one personalized training sessions with Bill (in-person and ZOOM)

Nutrition programming available

Departmental Fitness Programming

You see that there is a physical fitness problem in your department.  But once you pass, there aren’t any retests to make sure everyone is at the “standard”. However, people are slipping through the cracks.  Individuals are getting injured doing the basic skills of the job.  They are getting injured during incidents.  Crew members cant count on each other to get them out if they are in trouble.  Heart attacks are still the number one killer of public safety.  Insurance rates are increasing.  Overtime to back fill injured members is crushing budgets.  An improvement of FITNESS will improve ALL of these areas!


Specialized Departmental Programming:

Design a physical fitness program for your department with appropriate structure to ensure success.

Create a standard and recording system for your department to ensure each member is at the standard .

Build Physical Tests and Standards starting with where the current status is and an attrition into the “new standard”.

Departmental Consulting:

Work with departments to come up with the best options for their Fitness Programs and Testing Procedures.

Work as a liaison between departments and unions to protect both the municipality, department and the individual.

Helping departments choose fitness equipment to increase the usage based on the programs they have currently or will enact.

Since so many people’s lives counting on you, you need a program that will ensure the highest level of fitness. This means you need a program that will ensure the highest level of fitness, improved strength and flexibility, and will decrease the chance of injury. You can, and should be, the Superman or Wonder Woman that steps into action. However, the community isn’t the only one that demands it. Your department does, your crew does, your family does and YOU do!

Start your department’s fitness journey today.