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The goal of the any broadcasted event is to keep their viewers entertained and watching!  To do this, you need an experienced and knowledgeable commentator who can bring excitement while educating the viewers.  The more your broadcaster can do this, the more eyes will stay on your event, WORLD-WIDE!  This is what Bill Grundler can bring to your event!

If you have listened to ANY of the big CrossFit and Fitness events, then you have heard the voice of Bill Grundler. Since he has been the Men’s Color Commentator for the Crossfit Game since 2010, Bill is the longest-running commentator in all of CrossFit.  “The Voice of CrossFit” has broadcasted on CBS, CBS Sports, ESPN, ESPN2, and 3.  Because of this, he has been hired all over the World broadcasting live for all of the big off-season fitness events:

Boston, MA (East Coast Championship),

Miami, FL (Wodapolooza),

St. Cloud, MN (the Granite Games),

Madrid (CrossFit Invitational Championships and the CrossFit European Regionals),

Villars (the Swiss Alpine Battle) and

Dubai (Dubai CrossFit Championships)



Pick an event, an Open Qualifier, a Regional Competition, or Sanctional Event and he was probably there!



Bill has a uniqueness that he brings to every broadcast he is part of.  Even though he might be one the youngest and goofiest 50-year-olds in the broadcast world, he also has the background as an Elite Level Athlete and Elite Level Coach for over 3 decades.  Pair this with his knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology from California Polytechnic State University and something special happens!  The viewers get an in-depth understanding of the WHY’s and HOW’s of the athletes, the movements, and the strategies for the events like no other.  This brings the viewers deeper into what’s really happening on the floor and why!



Bill has broadcasted everything the simplest single man shows, to the biggest and most complex broadcasts in the CrossFit world. So if you want to legitimize your event as one of the best, then make sure to have one of the best broadcasters for your event.

Make the event something special for your viewers! Bring in a broadcaster that has the “IT” factor!  The “IT” we are talking about is an experienced and knowledgeable commentator who can bring excitement while educating the viewers.  Bill has this for YOU and YOUR event!  Bring Bill here to be the VOICE of your event and bring that “IT” factor!  Contact him TODAY!!!