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Bill is a remote coach with one job.  It’s to design you a personalized program to bring success, have personal accountability and achieve YOUR desired results. Since we all have goals and dreams we want to achieve, we have to remember that specific goals take specific plans. Why not have a Master Coach help you by creating a specific plan for you to reach your goal!!  Bill has been there on both the athletic side as well as the coaching side. RESULTS is the product of his year of experience!

What is the goal that drives you?

Look good for a wedding?

Your high school reunion?

Need to pass a physical agility test for a fire or police job?

Perform at your top level to get the look from college athletics recruiters?

Get an athletic scholarship?

Perform best in any athletic event?

Want to qualify for fitness competitions?

To qualify from the CrossFit Masters Age Group Online Qualifier?

Qualify for the CrossFit Games?

And EVERYTHING in between!!

Bill will put programs together for each individual based on their goals, strengths, and weakness.  Because of his programming and coaching skills, his success record with his clients is unmatched!  He has coached 8 athletes to the CrossFit Games in both the Open and Masters Divisions, helped multiple clients be prepared for their fire, police, and military academies, and worked with both high school and collegiate teams to increase their level of athleticism so that they can become the best athletes for their schools.  Fire departments and Lifeguard departments have used him as their physical training coordinator and even as a Fitness Consultant to develop Policies, Procedures, and Testing Processes to ensure their public service members are able to do the job the community requires of them.

Because Bill has the knowledge, the experience, and the drive, he will make you better than you have ever been and help you achieve your goals and dreams.  As a remote coach, his passion is to design a personalized program to bring success, personal accountability and achieve YOUR desired results. Contact Bill today to have him design you a plan that will start you on your path towards the results you want, TODAY!

Bill working with athletes in Switzerland on proper squat mechanics and mobility techniques.

Start realizing your fitness goals today!