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CrossFit Commentary Story

What’s in a voice?

My interview to become a Crossfit Games Commentator wasn’t your normal interview.  I was on my way out to the final event of the 2010 California Sectional Qualifier for the Games.  I was in 9th place and needed to be 4th to qualify.  But that wasn’t the interview.  I was a unique character to the very first live CrossFit competition coverage because I was the old guy competing with the young kids.  I just turned 40. I scored well in some events and I was brought in for a couple of interviews.  I had fun in them.  I was bantering with the commentators, I was giving strategic information about the events, movement strategies, being competitive but fun at the same time.  I didn’t think about it really.  Just having fun! 

Tony Budding, who was the first Media Director for CrossFit, asked me on the way to the finals, that he hoped I qualified because I was a cool story, but if I didn’t, he wanted to know if I would want to be a broadcast commentator at the Games that year.  What a great spot to be in!  Either go to the Games or go to the Games!  I ended up missing the Games by 3 spots, but I went as one of the very first commentators for the CrossFit Games!  Since then, I have been the longest-running commentator with the Games and other Fitness competitions in the business.  AND I LOVE IT!!!

My job as a Broadcast Commentator is to Educate and Entertain the audience.  Educate them by explaining WHY someone is moving like this or why I think they should move this way instead.  I explain the HOW’s for attacking an event, particular movements, a particular athlete and what they need to succeed,  and if they are doing it or not. 
Entertainment is all part of the show!  I am a very goofy 50-year-old.  I like to laugh and have a good time. I will call things out when I see them and even though I am opinionated, I love to get into discussions about all parts of the event.  With my energy, I’ll take you along for the ride!  The drama, the excitement, the epic highs and lows, I’ll use my energy to bring you and your audience right to the center of the competition!  It will be as if you are right on the competition floor!

What most events don’t always understand is that although it’s VERY important for them to have a broadcast to bring the event to the world, it’s not about putting anyone in just to fill the spot, or even to put a name in there that it’s not their specialty!  Would you hire a famous soccer player to build your house or fix your car?  Or a high skilled doctor to do your webpage?  Just because they might have SOME experience, doesn’t mean you will get your money’s worth!  Make your competition STAND out by bringing the VOICE OF CROSSFIT to it!

If you are looking to bring your event the legitimacy it deserves, then CONTACT ME TODAY!!!  Let’s come up with a plan to make your event, your athletes and your spectators have the experience they desire with the most experienced in the field!