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Legacy Masters Program
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You have searched high and low, and tried everything out there! But finally, there is a monthly CrossFit program designed specifically for Masters athletes to succeed.

Masters Athletes everywhere are searching for a monthly CrossFit program designed specifically for older athletes to succeed.  Finally, there is a Masters Program designed by a Masters Athlete and Coach FOR Master Athletes!  The LEGACY PROGRAM is HERE !!!!

Being Older Athletes doesn’t mean you should have some watered down, “easy” program.  But you also don’t need the same programmed volume of what the twenty-somethings are doing.

More Is Not Better, Better Is Better!

Since we have a “little more wear and tear” on our bodies, we need to have programming that works best with us.  Whether you are a Masters Games Athlete, or you are just someone that wants to be the fittest they can be for their kids and grand kids, this program is for you!!

Who Is Programming This?

Your Coach, Bill Grundler, is the quintessential CrossFit Master’s Athlete.  For years he was the outlier OLDER athlete in his 40s competing on the Regional level with all the 20 year olds.  Bill competed in the SoCAL Region from 2009 to 2014.   In 2012 at 42 years old, he missed going to the Games by 2 spots.  It was this same year that he beat Rich Froning Jr’s in the opening event of Regionals, Diane.  Rich went on to win the CrossFit Games that year!  Bill is not only one of you, but he is your programmer and coach through your fitness journey!


What is your legacy?

CrossFit Games - Pro-Athlete - Fit Life?

How will you build it?

The Legacy Program can help you reach your goals!

What makes Legacy Work So Well?

LEGACY is a monthly CrossFit program designed to handle the most ELITE Masters athlete.  But it also has all the appropriate scales and modifications for any Masters athletes to be able to enjoy the same stimulus appropriate to them. Our programming has a unique way of making sure that YOU get the BEST version of the day for you.  It’s not just simple Levels or lighter weight.  Its truly tailored to YOU!

The LEGACY PROGRAM will only take about an hour, which includes Mobility, a Warm Up, a Strength/Skill/Capacity Element, a WOD and a Cool Down!  There are videos to help explain different mobility pieces and movements in the workouts.

For each workout, there will be a RX weight or movement. Top Masters competitors would do these.  But if you aren’t quite there yet, or don’t have the desire to be one of them, then you follow the scaling/modifying procedure using the following customizing steps:

Reps UnBroken:

After the RX and the Percentage numbers, you will see something like: 10-15UB.  This customization is the most important number of them all.  It means that you can get the weight , or do the movement, AT LEAST 10 times but NOT MORE THAN 15 times…….and this is based on WHEN YOU ARE FRESH! This will put your INTENSITY level at a particular level based on the amount of work you “should” be able to do.

Percentage of One Rep Max Weight:

This puts the weight you are using at the appropriate amount. If you know your numbers, then this is easy. If you don’t then you can either use a Light, Moderate or Heavy estimate or the next customizing step.

The percentage of Maximum Effort can also be used to calculate your effort and make sure you are making gains.

With Coach Bill Grundler's Legacy Program I was able to reach my goal of making the CrossFit Games!

The Daily Set Up

Mobility is very important for older athletes since we have many old injuries that we have to deal with. The mobility we do before each workout will be specifically related to the workout of the day. And each mobility activity will have a specific time frame. If you have specific one personal to you, please do them, but these workout specific ones will always be included for you.

The Warm up is simple but unique. Older Athletes have had many years of compensatory movements and because of that, we don’t move as well as we did when we were younger. Correct Movement is based on Correct Repetition. It’s important to practice perfect movement BEFORE we get to tired. We want you to get your body temperature up and improve your movement. Spending time focusing on perfect movements does this!

We do 8 basic movements in our warm up that, when you put it all together, will cover all the movements you will do in your training. There may be a slight variation of how you do them but they are designed to get you to think about how you are moving, and make you perfect your movements through perfect repetition. Save the “excitement” for the workout!!

The workouts will call for INTENSITY. But as we know, INTENSITY is relative. This doesn’t mean you are in competition mode everyday. In fact, there will be some days, where you don’t get to “choose” what your speed and intensity are. The workout will determine it for you. There will be workouts to build overall strength, build capacity, and confidence in your abilities and fitness levels.