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Protecting The Shield

If your house was burning, or if your house was being broken into, or you knew that an enemy was coming to your town, you would call for help.  Who do you hope shows up?  Is it someone with a bunch of certifications?  Is it someone that has been on the job for years?  Is it someone that is looking to get their school paid for?  NO.  Even though those are all great things for these individuals, the person, or community that’s calling for help DEMANDS that you are SUPERMAN and WONDER WOMAN. Period!

They EXPECT you to show up and to be able to physically handle any situation or thing that needs to happen.  There won’t be anyone in the community that will be willing to give any excuses about why you couldn’t physically do your job.  You are expected to physically be ready to rock!

Let’s face it, Public Safety Personnel, Fire/Police/Military are paid athletes!  They have a very physically demanding job.  It’s not low-impact.  If they can’t do their job for whatever reason, they or others could die.  This is no joke!  Because of this, and my time as a Fire Captain, I believe with all my heart that all members should be training for the worst day and the worst call ever.  If you are training for “general health” then you will not be ready to do the job you will be required/needed to perform.  It’s like an athlete training for Game Day!  When you show up for work, it’s Games Day!  Are you ready?

My job is to get you ready!  Maybe you need to pass a physical agility test.  These tests are designed to be the MINIMUM at what you should be able to do as a member of your branch of service.  Many don’t pass.  Many barely pass.  Would you want the “barely pass” to show up at your incident or to be your partner?  Let me help you to pass with flying colors!  I’m able to use my sports and athletic background and elite level coaching ability to help you achieve physical levels you never have been able to before.  Maybe your department sees a lack of physical prowess and you want to develop a standard to move your members forward to being more physically prepared.  I can come and work directly with you and your members to design a program just for you.  Maybe you are looking to improve the record-keeping and policies of your fitness program to be in line with your skills certification to protect your department from any Safety and Health issues!  I can help you with any of these!

I have great respect for public safety individuals and for the jobs they perform.  Because I have such high respect for them, I want to make sure they are able to do the best job for the communities they protect.  If you are interested in any assistance either personally or departmentally, CONTACT ME TODAY!!  Let’s create something special for you!! I’ll make sure you are