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The Masters Division is the fastest growing, but the most uninformed group in CrossFit and just fitness in general!  And instead of taking pointers on being older from a 25 year old, why not talk to someone your own age! There is no better way to learn about the Master Athlete than to spend a day with a Master Athlete. 

Bill discusses what it really takes to be a Master Athlete: The Good, Bad and Ugly of Getting Older,  Understanding Chronological Age vs Athletic Age, Recovery, Mobility/Injury, Nutrition, Stress Management, Programming, Rest, Scales and Modifications, and Workout Strategies.

The purpose of the seminars are to give some real world knowledge to other older athletes.  But also to give valuable information to those that will be a Master Athlete soon, coach Masters aged Athletes, or who are older and just want to figure out how to get the most out of what they do! And is important for ALL level of athlete from Games level to first time general fitness member.

I have two versions of the seminar:  a 4-hour ($160/person) and an 8-hour ($260) version.  The 4-hour has two activities: a mobilization assessment and a pre-designed workout .  The 8-hour has 3 activities: mobilization assessment, a planned workout and a class designed workout. 

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CrossFit Anywhere, Folsom CA, 4 HR

Saturday April 13, 2019, 12-4pm



CrossFit Bilzen, Belgium, 8 HR

Sunday April 28, 2019, 9am-5pm

[Link coming soon]


CrossFit Murfreesboro, Murfreesboro TN

[Link coming soon!]


CrossFit Division, Waterloo ON,

Sunday July 21, 2019, 12pm-4pm

[Link coming soon!]


CrossFit OfftheGRID, South Jersey, NJ

September 14/21, 2019,

[Link coming soon!]


Skills Training Center, Esposende, Portugal

[Date and Link coming soon!]


SinCity CrossFit, Las Vegas NV

[Date and link coming soon]


IRB Crossfit, Indian Rock Beach FL

[Date and Link coming soon!]

Some Past Locations:

       Precision CrossFit, California

       RTG, Rotterdam

       CrossFit Riviera, Switzerland

       CrossFit Annex,  New Jersey

       CrossFit Alderwood, Washington

       CrossFit Morristown, Morristown NJ

       Cross Fir PTV, Redmond WA

       CrossFit Goochland, Oilville VA

CAP CrossFit, Montgomery TX

Aegis Team CrossFit, Pasco WA

Winning Edge Fitness, Chatsworth CA

CrossFit Division, Waterloo, ON, Canada

CrossFit Inferno, San Luis Obispo, CA

CrossFit 714, Orange, CA

CrossFit YAS, Abu Dhabi UAE

CrossFit Juggernaut, Laconia NH