Bill Grundler






Bill has been the voice in the analysis of the men's CrossFit games since 2010. He is been on ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3. He has traveled all over the United States broadcasting live for all of the big off-season fitness events as well as around the world. Boston, Miami, Madrid, and Dubai to name a few. He is able to use his expertise as a coach and elite competitive athlete to give each event in-depth understanding of the athletes, the movements, and the strategies like no other. If you want to legitimize your event as one of the best, have one of the best broadcast your event.



There is no better way to learn about the Master Athlete than to spend a day with a Master Athlete.  Spend time, up close and personal with Bill Grundler, as he discusses what it really takes to be a Master Athlete.  Discuss recovery, issues of the older athlete, how to coach Master athletes and members, Mental Toughness and Mindset.  Then have Bill coach your class, work with your coaches or just have a good old fashion workout session with him!  There is NO better way to gain knowledge like in this small group setting! 



September 9th: CrossFit RTG Rotterdam, Netherlands

September 10th: CrossFit Riviera Puidoux, Switzerland



Fitness Program Consulting

Fitness is a requirement for Law Enforcement, Fire and Military Services not only by the job itself, but also by the community for which it serves.  Is your group prepared to give the public the superheroes they are looking for?  With Bill's experience as a Fire Captain for the largest fire department in the country and the Physical Fitness Coordinator for the San Luis Obispo County Fire Department Unit of CAL FIRE, he understands not only the needs and requirements but also the politics involved in designing a fitness program.  Let him help you get your department to the highest levels of their fitness possible.