Bill Grundler



Im gunna say it and im not even embarrassed:  I think the Rocky movies (1,2,3,4 and Rocky Balboa, 5 doesnt count) are truly some of the best movies ever written.  Now i am a Star Wars FREAK, but i ALWAYS have an emotional reaction when i see the Rocky movies that i never get in any other movie.  I happened to catch the tail end of the Rocky Balboa movie tonight, and just as when i watch any of the Rocky movies, i instantly tear up.  It doesnt matter if i watch the whole movie or just a small part.  I will instantly get watery eyes.  Sure, its an underdog story, but that is just the surface.  The movie is about heart.  How much can you take and keep going.  Its not just beating the odds against the "better boxer", its about all the other stuff you have to deal with at the same time.  This has always resonated with me.  Its about a guy trying to be proud of himself, have his family be proud of him and his kid be proud of him.  I think about this everyday.  Im not trying to be a someone in particular but i am trying to be a someone.  Someone that i am proud of.  Someone that has left something great for his kids.  Someone that his family is proud of (whether they agree with him or not but proud of the fight and what he is striving for).  Someone that his kids are proud of even if he is the annoying gym guy, who always shows up at the stuff his kids are doing whether they want him there or not.  And finally a guy that fights the feeling of giving up because he knows he wont be ok with that.  Its not about the win or lose but not feeling like a bum.  Having self respect.  I have a bunch of things in my world that are awesome.  But i have a bunch of things in my world that are not awesome at all.  In fact, some are shitty.  i dont tell people the things because honestly i dont want to get lost down a path of my own bummed-out-ness and id rather look for the positives and keep pushing through.  But because of all these reasons, ill watch the Rocky movies and instantly tear up.  Its not a sad tearing though.  Its like a release.  I can empathize with what im seeing and i can let the emotions out(i try really hard not to do this in front of people haha).  But the best thing is that when Rocky "wins", its himself seeing the situation as a win.  He fought hard, he respected his own work, he respected the work he put into the training,  he respected the way he stood back up, he respected the way he took care of his family, etc.  Yep, they are some of the best movies ever.  Thanks for those Mr. Stallone! :)